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The Braid Aid- Adjustable Finger Parting Tool - Stitch Braiding Tool

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  • MAKE BRAIDING QUICKER & PARTS MORE PRECISE – Our stitch braiding tool creates precise and flawless parts for a number of hairstyles including box braids, Cornrows, stitch braids, and more. Its versatile functionality makes it a must-have for professional or at-home use. It makes a perfect and practical gift to the girls who love hair styling or who are just getting started.
  • CONVENIENT TO OPERATE & USE – The ring tool is easy to put on and take off which makes it convenient to operate. With its round pointed tip, you can take even the small parting amounts with precision. The smooth tip will not hurt the scalp and cause no hair loss or hair damage.
  • ADJUSTABLE TO MOST FINGER SIZES – The Braid Aid is a premier hair braiding tool that is nothing like the ordinary ones available on the market. Its strap allows for a secure, comfortable and customizable fit to most finger sizes of both men and women. It holds to the finger strongly and stays on while braiding.
  • ENSURE LONG-LASTING SERVICE TIME – This finger stitch tool is made out of a hard plastic that precisely slices through hair while maintaining flexibility when cutting through any type of hair, especially kinky and curly hair. The exceptional build quality aids in frizz-free hair styling. The sturdy material is not easy to break or bend.
  • ONE TOOL SERVES YOU MORE THAN YOU THINK OF – Our versatile finger parting tool was basically designed for stitch braiding in mind but it also works for making many other types of braids and hairstyles. Plus, it helps in sectioning, parting, weaving, balayage, highlights, and installing hair extensions.

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Shipped within 2-3 Business Days

Care Instructions

Each Braid Aid is included with a Velcro strip. Please see "instruction" page on website for further details on how to properly set up your Braid Aid for use. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Karleigh Beth White
The braid-aid is the best.

The braid-aid has helped me so much with braiding hair. It keeps my parts straight & clean. I’ve used my braid-aid every day since I got it in the mail. 🤍

Gina Ascencio

I am learning how to braid for my daughters hair and the tool has been a very helpful with parting. Thank you and watching your videos on TikTok was very beneficial.

Lilian Johnson
Braid Aid might be the 8th wonder of the world

I just braided my hair for the first time a week ago right after my braid aid arrived and it was so much easier than using a comb. It took a couple attempts to get use to it, but I got it in the end and parting my hair is no longer something I dread doing, Im so happy I stumbled upon that that tweet someone made about the braid aid its incredible

Tia Bailey

The Braid Aid- Adjustable Finger Parting Tool - Stitch Braiding Tool